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Category: 3rd Class Gov. Job
Posting Date: 2017-05-01 Expire Date: 2017-05-25

আবেদনের শেষ তারিখ : ২৫/০৫/২০১৭
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Dhaka district's local government branch has published jobs circular for the post of Secretary of the Union Council.
Career opportunity at Dhaka district's local government branch.
Vacancy notice of Dhaka district's local government branch.
jobs news of Dhaka district's local government branch.

Although the Dhaka capital of Bangladesh was of some importance in the pre-Mughal era, the city gained popularity in the history of the Mughal era. There is nothing clear about the origin of Dhaka name. Some of the common ideas about this are as follows: a) There were plenty of drum trees (Booth Foodsa) once in this region; B) The drum (drum) was played on the day of the inauguration of the capital of Islam Khan; C) A common language known as 'Dakbhasha' was practiced here; D) The word Dhakka in Rajatarangini is referred to as 'Observation Center' or the eastern state of Sagragupta mentioned in Allahabad inscription is Dhaka. As a pre-monastery of the Mughal era, there are two mosques in Dhaka city and a mosque in Mirpur. The construction of the oldest in the year 1456 AD (Joao de Barros saw Dhaka as an important place, and in 1550 AD it indicated its position in the map.

In the book of Akbar, Dhaka is referred to as a police station (military outpost) and in the law-e-akbari, it is mentioned as a pargana of the government. In 1610, Islam Khan Chishti Subah shifted from Rajmahal, the capital of Bengal to Dhaka, and named it after the emperor, Jahangirnagar named it.

Although the name of Jahangirnagar is administratively, the face of the common people remains Dhaka. All foreign tourists and foreign company officials also use the name Dhaka in their descriptions and letters.

Source: New Nation